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Joy Pimrawin

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Joy Pimrawin is no stranger to showing off her very gorgeous body. She has appeared in the Thai version of Penthouse magazine. Although I’m not sure her curves are all natural. Who really cares? Just look at those curves. Man, I’ve gotta go out and find my girlfriend a bikini like that. Just imagine the […]

Sonia Couling

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Finally, a Thai model with a pronouncable name. Sonia is a true Thai supermodel. She has the looks, the attitude and the height 🙂 Although her popularity has dropped in recent years, she still manages to grace the pages of various magazines and is always a welcome sight when she does.

Seephrai Mungphanklang

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Seephrai Mungphanklang, or DJ Nakadia as she is known, may not be the sexiest Thai girl we have featured but is, none the less, a fine looking babe. Her unmistakable Isaan looks set her apart from most Thai celebrities. She is quickly making a name for herself in DJ’ing crcles around the world. It doesn’t […]

Praew Mahakanit

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Well, I can’t seem to find anything about our dear Praew, well at least not in English. I have to say that she is one fine babe though and I’m sure you will all agree. If anyone has any information about her, then please feel free to share. Google, you have failed me.

Rungnapat Borijindakul

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After being forced to sit through Ong-Bak, I made it my mission to find out a bit more about Rungnapat Borijindakul or Oh (which is much easier to pronounce). She has appeared in a few horror movies and has graced the pages of several well-known mens’ magazines, such as FHM.

Tera Patrick

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Hands up how many people knew that Tera Patrick was Thai? She is the daughter of a Thai mother and English father, she started modelling at the age of 13, in her early 20’s she started appearing nude in various soft-core movies and by 30 she had made the jump to hard-core. Over the years […]

Natt Chanapa

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Natt Chanapa, or Nong Natt as she is commonly known, was almost unknown until she starred in a Japanese porn movie. Appearing in a porn movie is illegal for a Thai and, apparently, she was brought in for questioning by the police. They are probably going over the evidence very carefully as no formal charges […]

Aphisatha Khrueakhongkha

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Aphisasa… I cannot pronounce her name, so I will just call her by her nickname, Ice. She appears in one of those sleazy Thai Soap operas, that appear on TV and manage to keep Thai viewers hooked. She also appears in numerous gossip magazines, which is how I found these pictures.

Sunisa Jongsawadi

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Sunisa Jongsawadi, or Kob as she is more commonly known, was the winner of the 2005 FHM Girl Next Door contest. Since winning the contest, she has apperaed in a few publications including this rather sexy shoot for Modern Night Magazine. She sure shows her true colours 🙂

Saengthong Kadeuthong

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I just came across this Thai lovely and I had to share her with all of you. Her name is Saengthong Kadeuthong or Jeet and she is absolutely drool worthy. I don’t know much about her, other than a single movie apperance and numerous magazine shoots. But just look at those all-natural curves!