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Benjasiri Wattana

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Benjasiri Wattana, or Beau as she is known, is one fine looking babe. Mars magazine always seems to find the hottest babes around. Mmm, I wonder if they have any job openings available. Other than appearing in Mars, she has done a few advertisements, one of which involved a lot of red body paint and […]

Ople Ausanee

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I found this Thai babe while flicking through an old copy of Thai Penthouse magazine. While I’m pretty sure those assets aren’t all natural, I’m sure you will all agree that she is bloody hot. I’m going to do my best to uncover a few more pics and information about her, so watch this space.

Joon Mali

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While aimlessly browsing the net, I found a clip on featuring this Thai hottie, Joon Mali, who has a unique cuteness about her. She is not afriad to appear naked and runs her own website, where you can download more pics and videos. She is only 18 years old and according to law, in […]

University Girls

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I came across this compilation on There’s something about Thai University girls that just makes all men weak at the knees. I’m still waiting for an inter-university wet T-shirt contest to take place. My hopes aren’t too high though. * As a change from my regular postings, I am going to experiment with video […]