Farung Yuthithum

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farung yuthitum swimsuit 6 Farung Yuthithum

farung yuthitum swimsuit 5 150x150 Farung Yuthithumfarung yuthitum swimsuit 3 150x150 Farung Yuthithumfarung yuthitum swimsuit 2 150x150 Farung Yuthithum

For those of you who enjoyed the posts [1] [2] [3] on 2008 Miss Thailand Universe hottie Gawintra Phothijakra, I have a special treat for you; Miss Thailand Universe 2007, Farung Yuthithum (ฟ้ารุ่ง ยุติธรรม).  This lovely lady was born May 19th, 1986.  She’s a stunning 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) making her the tallest Miss Thailand Universe winner ever!  After taking the Miss Thailand Universe crown she did her country proud and placed in the top 15.

But enough with my babbling.  Enjoy the pics.

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