Thai Air Girl

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Thai Air

Continuing the theme from yesterday of showing some normal Thai women I present this beautiful portrait of a sexy Thai Air girl.

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5 Responses to “Thai Air Girl”

  1. Fon Tok

    If you are going to use my photographs for your website at least give me credit for them…OK!

  2. admin

    Click on the link. Or would you like to be mentioned by name? I suppose you have the subject’s release forms and such? 🙂

  3. Fon Tok

    She was part of an floral exhibit at the Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok…happily posing for anyone. Maybe you should take your own pictures, or at least first ask permission to link to mine? The flickr page does say “all rights reserved.”

  4. admin

    Listen, if you want me to take them down, I will. Standard courtesy online for pics on Flickr is to link back to the source. That I have done. I have not attempted to obscure the source at all.

  5. Fon Tok

    Hey, no worries…it’s a nice picture that I enjoy sharing. Ultimately, copying without permission is just another form of flattery. Although, it is nice to know when one is being flattered.

    Yes, you have followed flickr protocol but the original source is hidden unless a user opens the photo. I can right click the above photo and save it without ever seeing the source. “All rights reserved” is a standard copyright. That is why it is clearly posted on each flicker page.

    I know it is common for people to copy web photos for private use. It is different to copy another’s work to be used on a website. I assume then you are giving me permission to copy original material on your site without asking you and then post it on one of my sites?

    And, the pics that are mine on “Random Cute Thai Girls in Bangkok” linked through Bangkok Angels site (page 5) are not linked via flickr in any way. And they did not ask for permission.

    You see how this starts becoming a slippery slope?

    If you want to use more of my flickr pics please add a visible link / with a copyright symbol to my flickr site:

    There, now you have permission to copy my photos for your own use. It’s that easy.